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Frequently asked questions

BVK is registered with both SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) and SAIPA (South African Institute of Professional Accountants). We are also registered at the IRBA (Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors).

If you are looking for a tax practitioner, then ask if he is a registered tax practitioner with SARS (South African Revenue Services). Only registered tax practitioners can charge fees for submission of tax returns to SARS. Registered tax practitioners do a minimum of 40 hours per year of extra learning and training to keep up to date with the ever- changing tax laws.

We are registered tax practitioners at SARS.

Did you know that a registered accountant will have compulsory professional indemnity to cover you in the event of misinformation?

Accountants are regulated by professional bodies to ensure professionalism and a high quality of service delivery.

The longer an accounting firm has been in business, the more experience they have.

Experience is valuable because it makes us wiser. Real world knowledge cannot be bought or taught.

BVK was registered in 2004 and has collective experience of more than 75 years.

At BVK we understand that you want to work with the person who has the knowledge and expertise. At BVK we have a team of dedicated accountants, one of which will be your accountant. Your go-to person.

Ask about fees upfront

Often clients ask about the cost, but they don’t ask about what they will get. You must know what the fees will be and what will be done. Many clients look for the most affordable accountant but forget that they might not get a valuable service.

Factors that influence the cost:

  • What your accountant is willing to do for you.
  • When your accountant will get it done by.
  • Who will be working on your account? (See question 3 above)

You want to be in control of fees and not open to any nasty surprises when the invoice lands on your desk.

As a modern progressive Chartered Accountant firm, we have also broken the mould of traditional standard billing and archaic methods of pricing. We charge fixed monthly fees, which allow you to budget for them. No more hourly billing, unexpected invoices and expensive consultation fees.

Please contact us so that we can meet with you to discuss our fixed terms agreements so as to ensure that you have peace of mind that your business is on the right track.

Your business is important, and your sole focus should be on it. So, it is best to choose a firm who will remind you and make sure you are compliant with the multitude of government agencies.

Our integrated systems will ensure that you are made aware of all deadline dates applicable to your company. We even diarise your annual CIPC return dates.

You will share a lot of your personal information with your accountant. You have every right to know who will have access to that information.

No information will be sold to 3rd parties. This alone is incentive to deal with a registered accountant.

Your information is protected by law under the POPI act (Protection of Information Act).

AT BVK we store information online for fast and easy access.

Our exclusive client portal system will ensure that you have access to documents stored by us on your behalf 24 hours a day 7 day a week. This service is in compliant with SARS requirements in respect of the retention of documents.

Our client portal service also includes numerous other value-added services details of which will be made available to you subject to our terms and conditions. You may also use this system to upload and share files with us as well as upload your own personal documents which may only be accessed by yourself. This cloud base service will give you access any time day or night to all documents important to you.

At BVK we understand that accounting and tax can be complicated and that you will need someone to help and guide you through the maze of complex statutory requirements. For someone who is not a trained accountant, some of the technical jargon can be unfamiliar and confusing.

Our accountants are patient and willing to explain complicated accounting terms to you and to ensure that you get a basic understanding of what different statutory bodies need and why they need it.

We care about you our client and your business.

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Your Tax Deadlines for November 2023:
7 November - Monthly Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) submissions and payments
29 November - Excise Duty payments
30 November - Value-Added Tax (VAT) electronic submissions and payments & CIT Provisional payments where applicable