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Accounting and Account Processing Services

Our team of Professional Accountants & Account Processors offer a trusted, comprehensive, monthly service, suited to your individual requirements.

Whether you run your own business as a (Pty) Ltd or sole proprietary operation, BVK has the experience and expertise to offer you a high-value accounting & account processing service. Take advantage of our offering and schedule a FREE consultation with a Professional Accountant and Account Processor.

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Extensive Accounting

At BVK, our extensive accounting services help individuals and businesses meet their legal obligations and achieve a broad range of financial benefits. We take pride in working closely with our clients to help them to understand their accounts, providing insights to help businesses grow and thrive into the future.

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Online Account Processing

In today’s environment, it really doesn’t matter where your company is located, virtual account processing staff can give you all the advantages you need, to run your business successfully. At BVK, we provide outsourced account processing services for small, medium, and large companies throughout South Africa.

We strive to keep your accounts up to date so that you are empowered, to make the right business decisions, utilizing accurate and reliable financial information prepared by our skilled, and qualified accounting and tax specialists.

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Your Tax Deadlines for November 2023:
7 November - Monthly Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) submissions and payments
29 November - Excise Duty payments
30 November - Value-Added Tax (VAT) electronic submissions and payments & CIT Provisional payments where applicable