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At BVK we help organisations (SMEs), and individual people steer through the practicalities of forming a trust, preparing a will, and implementing an estate plan from start to finish.

At BVK we specialise in estate planning involving the Drafting of Wills, Deceased Estate Administration and Trust Administration in South Africa. We know that you’ve worked hard to accumulate your assets, and consequently you owe it to yourself, and your loved ones, to plan ahead for the distribution of your wealth when you pass away.

It’s a significant step in securing the financial future of the people that matter in your life. We’re also able to help you should your loved one have passed away without an estate plan. Speak to BVK today

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Services offered

We provide deceased Estate Administration in South Africa as part of our BVK Trust services. We attend to the winding-up of the deceased’s estate in accordance with the deceased’s Will or in terms of an Intestate Succession and all the applicable legislation.

Our specialist estate administrator will be in constant communication with you to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish.

We will attend to the administration of the deceased estate in a
professional manner as required by South African law.
We act as an executor or executor’s agent of the deceased’s estate.
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Drafting a Will

Do you worry about what will happen to the assets you have worked for when you are no longer around or how long it will take for them to be distributed to the loved ones you have chosen? How do you make sure that your last wishes are honoured?

At BVK, we specialise in estate planning, trust administration and Will drafting and safe-keeping services giving you complete peace of mind that your estate will be legally administered in South Africa in accordance with and your last wishes.

Draft your Will in accordance with your wishes. Ease the burden on your loved ones after your death. Ensure that your dependents are taken care of after your death.
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